The Web Site Marketing Group

About Us:

The Web Site Marketing Group offers a select set of communications and consulting services, including search engine marketing and search marketing training and online public relations consulting to operators of business or orgazational web sites.

Certified Expertise

Web Site Marketing Group principal Mike Freedman is one of just a handful of internet marketers who have achieved certification from two leading professional organizations that recognize competency in online marketing and all the major search engine certification programs.

We've Worked On Thousands of Search Marketing Campaigns
We've worked for neighborhood businesses and global corporations and everything in-between. We have significant experience working for companies involved in technology, education and health.

It Starts With A Conversation
We can identify the key goals you want to achieve (drive online sales, gain online leads or phone calls or enhance product or brand awareness) and discuss information needed for planning and research.

Research Build a Strong Foundation for Successs
Our research process helps us build a strong foundation for the content and campaign structure needed to achieve your goals.

Success Based On Testing and Optimization
Campaigns are constantly tested and adjusted to optimize performance to achieve your goals.

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