The Web Site Marketing Group


Certified Internet Marketer Forms Web Site Marketing Group, Inc.

(NORTH BAY VILLAGE-FL) Mike Freedman, CeM, CIMBS, one of the first online marketers to achieve certification from both of the organizations that evaluate competence in Internet marketing, established a new corporation, called the Web Site Marketing Group, Inc. to provide a variety of communications and marketing services for online businesses.

Freedman recently achieved recognition both as a Certified eMarketer (CeM) from the eMarketing Association, Redondo Beach, California, and as an Internet Marketing and Business Strategist (CIMBS) from the International Internet Marketing Association, Vancouver, British Columbia.

The new company's web site is now online at www.WebSiteMarketingGroup.com The new web site offers links, tips, articles, books on web site marketing and the Web Site Marketing News, a free monthly newsletter.

The Web Site Marketing Group's flagship product is the Web Site Marketing Report - a detailed report that uses more than a dozen diagnostic tools, including Web Position Gold Professional Edition. The Reports, which come in a printed version in a 3-ring binder and on a CD-ROM, include analysis and specific recommendations from Freedman, are priced at $595.00.

Freedman previously was vice president of marketing for ArtNexus Online, Inc.; a Miami based web site focused on art in the Americas produced by the oldest and largest magazine on the topic. He also worked as Director of Internet Marketing for the Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club, Inc., based in Fort Lauderdale, which offers health information and nutritional supplements via online and offline sales.

Freedman, who has more than 20 years of marketing and communication experience, provided public relations and marketing services to such organizations as American Heart Association, American Academy of Wound Management, American Academy of Insurance Medicine, American Subacute Care Association, ATT, FPL, Humana, Integrated Health Services, Shearson Lehman, Texaco and others. Current clients include ArtinAuction.com, Barry University's Stay Tuned program, EmerMed, Inc. and Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club, Inc. (LifeExtension.com).

The new company will be based in North Bay Village, Florida, with many virtual connections to key online professionals. "We look for competent specialists throughout the world to find the most value for our clients," Freedman said. "We're focused on helping web sites not just survive, but thrive."