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"Mike Freedman and his colleagues at the Web Site Marketing Group offer effective online marketing services built on a foundation of accurate research, significant knowledge of Internet technology and a deep understanding of offline and online marketing communication tactics. I'd strongly recommend working with the Web Site Marketing Group to developers who are considering options for expanding web site marketing efforts."

Chris Lambrou
CEO, CGL Computing www.cglcomputer.com

"I've had the good fortune to work with Mike Freedman on several occasions. Mike's attention to detail is second to none when it comes to analyzing and recommending the best avenue to take when embarking on a media campaign. He's not only detail oriented, he's fast, efficient, and organized. Additionally, because he's an obsessive researcher, he seems to find out about new and effective marketing methods before anyone else. His fertile and creative mind also comes up with successful marketing strategies that others have never even thought of. Any company that gets Mike to work with them is simply lucky, and should be ready for a great ROI experience as a result."

Bob Sullivan
Web Developer, The New Media Group

"Easy to work with, accurate, prompt, efficient, with a strong sense of CARPE DIEM, all describe Mike Freedman."

Virginia M. Wasser
Second Vice President, Shearson Lehman Brothers

"Mike Freedman is by far the most knowledgeable person I know, in regards to
E-marketing and all its tactics. Besides being one of the first true
E-marketers in the Internet community he is also a joy to work with.
I definitely recommend anyone who is interested in improving their online
marketing strategy, to work with Mike and the Web Site Marketing Group"

Peter Chalem
CEO, Columbus IT Andean Region

"Mike's efforts have been key to the success of the online launch, marketing and branding for artnexus.com. His knowledge of the medium is extensive, (to say the least), and thanks to his hard work, the website saw more than a 2,557 percent increase in traffic in the first six months of operations. Today, it is the recipient of numerous awards and more than 50,000+ visits per month."

Roberto Sours
Creative Director, ArtNexus Magazine

“Mike Freeman is one of the most knowledgeable people in Search Marketing I know. He is very dedicated to his work and adding a lot of value to our company. Mike goes above and beyond to create advertising campaigns and helping our clients to implement dynamic internet marketing strategies that will empower business websites to communicate effectively with their customers. His analytical knowledge is translated to effective website communication, which increase traffic to the websites and increase conversion, thereby helping online businesses become more efficient and profitable.”

Tanya Petrova, MSMIS, PMP, Senior Developer, YellowBook USA

"Successful Internet Marketing is one of the most challenging tasks that a business owner must accomplish in today' evercanging technology. It takes a knowlegable dedicated pro to stay current with what works and whats old news. Mike Freedman is that consummate dedicated professional that you want on your Internet Marketing team. If your challenged by how to capture new business on line, give Mike a call, he helped build our online business to over $30 mil.”

Lonnie Reeder, CEO, Life Extension Foundation

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